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Ensure that the outdoor opening of the dryer vent is properly protected

It must be covered with a screen which is fitted firmly. Our specialists recommend that the screen be made of a strong material that is resistant to weather damage. It should block the entry of insects as well as bigger pests which can cause serious damage to the vent.

Test the indoor air quality to find out how healthy your home environment is

The test will reveal the levels of micro particles such as dust, pollen and mold in the indoor air. If these levels are higher than what the health standards require, you will be able to take adequate measures to deal with the problem. This includes cleaning the HVAC ducts more frequently.

Prevent insects and animals from getting into air ducts

To many small insects and animals that fly or crawl, air ducts seem very welcoming. This is because they basically function like cave or tunnel systems that serve to shelter them from predators. Some of these creatures however get trapped, die of exposure or run out of food and their decaying carcasses befoul your air, presenting a possible health risk. To prevent this, know where your air filters are and check them periodically for holes or proper placement.

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