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If you are looking to improve the quality of the air in your home, take advantage of our professional air duct cleaning services. Our company has plenty of experience in the industry and has the capacity to remove all kinds of contaminants from ducts of any size and level of complexity. We work in a focused, organized and professional manner to leave the surface spotlessly clean. This is how our customers get fresh indoor air free of potentially dangerous microbes.Air duct Cleaning Company in California

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Whether the time for regular HVAC maintenance has come or you have noticed dust and pollen are being pumped into the room from the air vents, you should get in touch with us right away. It is our goal to service all customers in the shortest possible time. Let us, at "Air Duct Cleaning Sausalito", give you the result that you require.

The home air duct cleaning process begins with the inspection of the ducts for determining the types of contaminants present inside. This makes is possible for the most effective cleaning methods to be used according to the issue. Pollen, dust and dirt particles are removed and extracted with the use of powerful modern equipment designed especially for the purpose. For best results, our service includes air filter cleaning as well. Particles stuck to the surface of the filters will be removed carefully. As a result, these components of the heating and cooling system of the building will do their job perfectly and lower the risk of recurring air contamination to the possible minimum.

If the technician discovers any mold growth, it will be removed with the use of products especially designed for the purpose. We use only the safest and most potent materials. No compromises are made when it comes to quality. After the mold removal process has been completed, the air duct sanitizing will begin. Every inch of the surface is sanitized during this process, and this will prevent the dirt and contaminants for accumulating in the near future. As a result, the home indoor air quality will be kept optimal for longer. You will enjoy fresh air free from particles that cause irritation and allergies. Everyone who lives in the house will be at lower risk of respiratory problems, and you will enjoy a clean and fresh air.

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