Do you want to know more about air duct cleaning? How about the basic steps and the benefits? The answers found here will be very helpful

Is it hard for you to make decisions regarding air ducts since you know nothing about them? Time to enrich and expand your knowledge! Here below you will find a number of frequently asked questions about air duct maintenance procedures and duct replacement. Find answers to all your questions

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Are you curious about air duct cleaning and its purpose and benefits? Here you will find plenty of information on the topic. Read the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and use them to your advantage now and in the future. Each one of them is thorough, clear and concise.

You have just found a great source of information on air duct cleaning. Read the questions and their answers below.

Why do we develop allergies due air ducts?

Allergies develop due to contaminated air passing through the ducts. How does air get contaminated? When it comes from outside, air is not entirely pure. If the ducts are not clean, air is mixed with debris. If there is mold, air gets even more contaminated! Air ends up in your house contaminated and that's why air duct cleaning is vital.

What process is the best for cleaning air ducts?

The most effective way is to use negative pressure from devices inserted into the ducts to dislodge the debris.

Are HEPA air filters the best choice for the HVAC system?

They are highly efficient and this is their major advantage. More specifically, they can capture 98% and in some cases 99% of particles which are larger than 3 microns. These include not only dust and pollen particles, but also bacteria and viruses. At the same time, these filters are thicker than their traditional counterparts and may cause the HVAC system to work harder and use more energy.

Are there health benefits to having my air ducts cleaned?

Yes. A variety of contaminants can collect in an air duct system including bacteria, mold, fungi, and small particles of dirt and dust. All of these can affect your health and removing them is an important component in improving your home's air quality.

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